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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Valve announced steam linux client

Valve has made his name among the best selling game franchises and leading technologies. Come up with a new innovation named as Steam client for Linux users. Millions of people liked it for its well-designed, easy-to-use customer experience. The latest Steam for Ubuntu demonstrates the growing demand for open systems from gamers and developers.

Looking forward to see AAA games which are developed with Ubuntu in mind as a part of multi-perform day and launch date on Steam. Fans of Linux like this indie-OS which is just perfect for ideal game. The Steam distribution on Windows, Mac OS and now on the Linux, plays anywhere of Steam Play. Gamers are available to everyone regardless of the fact that what type of computer they are running.

Enjoy your favorite game, “Team Fortress 2” the free to play game which is now available on Steam for Linux. Steam gamers for a limited time will automatically receive a free, exclusive in-game players. Additional title soft valve are available on Steam for Linux which includes Half-Life, Counter strike 1.6.

Addition to the games, the Steam for Linux client covers Big Picture which is the new mode of steam, sleekly designed to use with a TV and game controller. The Steam foe Linux and Big picture mode anticipates a growing number of gamers which will use steam, in the living room.

Monday, 25 February 2013

UNIGINE has launched the heaven benchmark 4.0

Enjoy the newly released powerful tool that can be effectively used to determine the stability of a GPU. Available GPU under extremely stressful conditions. Check out the cooling system's potential under maximum heat output. Delivers a complete unbiased results generating true-in game rendering workloads over all platforms. The Heaven Benchmark 4.0 immerses a user into a magical steam punk world of shiny brass, gears and wood. Fixed on flying islands sun-heated cobblestone streets, a tiny village with its cozy which is an elaborately crafted dirigible above the expanse of fluffy clouds and a majestic dragon on the central square which offers a true sense of adventure.

An interactive experience combined with fly-by and walk through different modes which let users to explore all the corners of the world. Powered up by cutting-edge UNIGINE Engine, leveraging the most advanced capabilities of graphics APIs which turned this benchmark into a visual masterpiece. Advanced edition is intended for personal use by just overclocking the enthusiasts.
Enables you to get robust stability testing overlocked systems, one-click batch testing and thorough reports output into a convenient format

AMD Radeon HD 6790
The Advanced Edition features command line automation for full control over run tests.Highly customizable reports in CSV format and stress testing mode. Heaven benchmark comes in three editions which is basic, advanced and pro each of which aimed to meet the needs of different users. A reliable and highly customizable tool for choice of hardware vendors and OEM companies that seeks to test the products.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Motorola and Google smartphone are rumored to be game changer

X Smartphone
Motorola and Google together presented a X Smartphone, a game changer is developed by Google. Google has been working on this device for long time. A perfect smartphone that includes powerful software that will not be available in any other smart phone. The software features and capabilities are powerful covering all the features of Google. This new smartphone is rumored to be introduced at the Google Developer Confrence in May 2013.

According to sources, CTO hugh Bradlow is tipping all the employees that the new phone is a real breakthrough and will put pressure on Samsung and Apple. Currently the device is being hailed as the Motorola X. According to Wall Street journal this X device features larger flexible screen and incredible battery life.

The X smartphone will offer access to complete Google service like non eof device defore. A first device to showcase a combination of Android Key lime Pie. Google has complete control over this device. You will find a big difference between a Nexus device which is intended to showcase the latest version of Android and X phone which will showcased just the activities of Google.
A mystery project which was running for several moths by Motorola and Google finally rumored to break the market with its breakthrough features.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Gefen's latest Displayport for high resolution video extension

Gefen's latest Displayport
Professionals gets an easy way to extend their display from the computer using two CAT-7 cables. Gefen's latest Display from computer to display. Working with resolutions measuring 1920x1200 can be used by the same extender with only one CAT-7 cable.

Wall mountable sender and receiver units deliver both audio and video from the Display Port source over the CAT-7 cabling to the display. The requirement for power is at the sender unit only and the receiver unit receives its power using CAT-7 cable. There are various additional features which includes 16 different EQ adjustments using a rotating switch on the receiver unit. The HPD auto Calibration switch lets user, a full calibration of the connected display without any training needed in video technology. Improving system stability with a locking power supply on the sender unit.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

GEAR4 presents StreetParty5 lightening speaker

GEAR4 introduces latest version of the classic StreetParty series which is one of the biggest selling docking speaker in the UK market. StreetParty5, a great sounding fully portable and first in the market to feature Apple's new lightening dock. Compatible with iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPod nano. Delivers the flexibility of being powered highly by the mains charger, by batteries ensuring that you can free your tunes wherever you go.

The simple design features a folding dock that enables dock to slip slightly into your pocket. The unit will also charge your docked device when powered by mains. Covered by GEAR4's no-quibble, 2 year extended warranty exclusively when purchased on the official website.Portable StreetPArty 5 Lightening speaker for iPod and iPhone. Compact pocket-sized to make your travel easy. Fold away dock for easy portability. Highly Powered by 4x AA batteries or power supply. Charges iPod or iPhone with lightening connector when powered by mains.
Enjoy music on the move. It's just perfect for picnic parties and at the beach with friends. Having compact and slim design to make it easy for transporting. The iPhone/iPod dock folds flat to allow easy and safe storage. The strong protective grill helps in the prevention of any unintentional impacts from ruining your day's listening. The flexibility power options and optimized frequency response for a great sound quality which will get you the right combination for a day of musical bliss.